What should I wear to my photoshoot?

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As a full service photography studio, we are frequently asked by clients what they should wear to their shoots. The right outfit can add a lot of style and personality to your session.

The answer to this question depends a lot on personal style and on the shoot location. A city shoot vs a nature shoot command different clothing- just as you would wear different clothing to either place on an everyday basis. How casual and how formal you desire your shoot to be also affect clothing choice- this should reflect your personality and what you hope the final look to be.

Feeling comfortable and beautiful in the clothing you pick is utmost so that your inner self can radiate. Clothing should be new or new-ish and ironed. For summer we have prepared a board below with tips to help you out for our waterscape backdrop, beach sessions, and summer family outdoor sessions at the park.

You may also check out our summer pinterest board for more inspiration and links to some outfits you can actually buy.

For our upcoming fall shoots, we have a fall inspiration board as well. For fall think texture- chunky sweaters, leather boots, raw cotton, textured scarves, and layering. Avoid matchy-matchy looks and stick with oatmeal, burgundy, heather grey, mustard yellow, deep browns, and cream colors. .

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