Session Prep - Newport Babies Studio

I look forward to meeting you at our session! Here are some great preparation tips.

Session Preparation

Newborn Sessions

Please call us to schedule your newborn session within a few days of giving birth. We recommend you assign your partner to calling us when you leave the hospital as you will have a lot on your mind. Newborns are best photographed 5-10 days after delivery. We ask that you try to feed your baby  just before we arrive or if needed feed him or her during your session.

Come to our studio or have us come to your home and photograph your nursery. If you would like us to come to your home, please prepare by opening curtains to allow the best light in and turning up the heat (keeps your little one comfortable). We may have to move some things that are distracting in photos or you can move these before we come. The less clutter the more focus on you and your little one!

Baby and Toddler

Please bring along your baby's favorite toys and snacks to keep him or her happy during the session and also for commemorating your baby's favorite things in your photos.  Please dress your baby or toddler in solid colors, no patterns or words on clothing please as these do not photograph well.

Family Sessions

Please wear coordinating colors- 2-3 shades of the same color or different colors but all in the same tone (aka all jewel tones, all earth tones, all pastels, etc as you prefer). Pastels tend to photograph nicely as do all black or all white outfits if you do not have clothes in the same tones. Please do not wear sneakers.

Pregnancy Sessions

Here are some tips for getting the most out of the photoshoot:

-bring a copy of your ultrasound and baby shoes or a baby accessory that is special to you and/or something that signifies your baby's gender (something pink/blue)

-wear a strapless bra, preferably nude but white is okay, that has good support. bra lines can be erased in photoshop if you want to wear a slightly tight bra but lifting is harder

-wear nude colored full-coverage underwear, again lines are fine

-wear flats that draw the least attention possible- nude colored ballet flats, white flats, etc

-bring a pair of high heels if you have heels you feel comfortable and balanced

-wearing mascara is important

-don't worry about foundation if you don't have time but do wash your face if you are sweating.

-eye makeup is the most important

-if you have limited time for makeup, wear what makes you feel glamorous

-lipstick and blush are nice but can be added later.

-do not worry about pimples, scars, stretch marks these all can be removed later as wished

-if you have time a blow dry is great and curls if you like to wear curls, your hair will be down for the shoot

-for a natural look nails are important- manicure if you have time, if not remove all chipped nailpolish and leave bare or paint yourself. French/clear/light pink/nude colors are best.

-bring water- I will also have water but if you have a preferred flavor/sparkling bring along

-if your husband is coming he should wear a white collared shirt and black or tan pants.

-dress shoes are important-no sneakers or they will ruin your photos!

-feel free to bring/wear a casual outfit for you and your husband that expresses your personality and any toys/gifts you have from your childhood or for your baby that are meaningful or humorous

-bring a photo of yourselves getting married or when you met if you would like a photo together with it

Most of all be yourself, do what makes you happy and comfortable in your glowing pregnant skin!

Choosing a Location

Please ask for additional information about any of the locations where we shoot or if you have something specific in mind. Permits are a client's responsibility but not required in most locations we use unless specified.

Jersey City and NJ

We shoot at Pier A park (paths with parallel trees, benches, and views of the city), Pier C park (an island with NYC backdrop and sculptures to pose on as well as a hanging bridge), Newport beach, on the boardwalk from Hoboken to Exchange Place (gazebo, docks, NYC backdrops), Liberty State Park (an old train station, nature shots, war memorial with giant walls, Statue of Liberty views), Sandy Hook (large beach), Fort Lee Historic Park (ruins and GW bridge backdrop),  Alstede farms, Orchard View Lavendar Farm, The Sunflower Maze, and in studio.

New York City and Upstate New York- additional travel fee- $50

Central Park-Bethesda Terrace- iconic fountain and Bow Bridge in NYC’s central park

Belvedere Castle- beautiful formal stone garden

Brooklyn Bridge Park- carousel, lawn with bridge view, and incredible sunsets

Washington Street at Manhattan Bridge- iconic classic Brooklyn cobblestones with bridge and brownstones backdrop

The High Line at W 16th Street Sunset Park, Brooklyn- iconic NYC skyline views

Prospect Park, Brooklyn- shoot at the Boathouse

Oheka Castle- featured in Taylor Swift’s Blank Space video and many movies. Gardens and castle. PERMIT REQUIRED. Contact Kelly Melius or call 631-659-1301 for permit.

Westbury Gardens- Charles II mansion, boxwood gardens, walled garden, and a love temple. PERMIT REQUIRED. Call 516-333-0048.

Grounds for Sculpture- an extra permit fee is required

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